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About the Blog

Unlike everything else related to Parenting by Temperament, the Blog is not written exclusively for parents. We hope that parents will find it challenging and enriching, but it is intended for anyone interested in its topics. It is a running commentary on all sorts of aspects of temperament. The four opening posts begin an exploration of the history of ideas about temperament, and more broadly, the history of the never-ending battle over nature versus nurture. These first posts are

    • Temperament--a new idea? Nah!
    • Temperament and the early Greeks and Romans--everyone had a theory!
    • The Dark Ages of Temperament
    • 20th Century Counter-currents--Inborn behavior fights back.


    Particularly relevant for parents is the blog--Knowing your temperament: Does it really help?

The Blog can be reached through the link above, or directly on the web at http://www. We hope you enjoy it!




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